Video Ads


Video Preroll

Preroll ads are displayed before the content the user has selected. Pre-roll ads are the most common form of video advertisement.


Video Midroll

Midroll ads are displayed in between the content the user has selected. This interrupts the user attention and maximizes audience eagerness.


Video Postroll

PostRoll ads are displayed after the completion of content the user has selected. This type of ad is more suitable for advertising branded content that the user might be interested.


OutStream Videos

OutStream Videos are displayed at the center of the website just after the website loads. They almost take around 80% of the screen making the website content opaque at the back.


Sticky Videos

Sticky videos are displayed at the bottom of the website either on the right or left corner. As the name suggests, these ads stick to a fixed position and do not move with the page scroll.



Native Video

Native videos are displayed as a content suggestion like other native ads. They have the highest CTR % comparing with others.


Monetiza supports multi-device, cross-channel and mobile ready integration options for publishers who are willing to start with video advertising. Our integration options are below:

Video Player

JavaScript code that loads the player first and then the video ad followed by a content provided by widely known content providers.

API Integration

We support RTB 2.4 and API to API integration.


We support the most widely used VAST/VPAID tag with almost zero lag and loading time. To use VAST/VPAID tag, the publisher needs to have their own player in order to parse the XML tree.